Sabtu, 23 November 2013

Collecting Out-of-print Cookbooks

This is my initial post in the book category.  Since retiring in July 2007, I have been slowly collecting cookbooks, most of which are out-of-print.  Actually my interest is a bit broader because it includes books on the history of food, culture and cuisine.  In the near term, I intend that most of my blog posts will be about  these books. 
I buy my most of my books at library book sales and a few at local yard sales in central Massachusetts where I live.  A library book sale is a great place to get very good books at bargain prices.  Hardcover books usually sell for $1 or $2.  Some are ex-library books, but most are not.  Over the last three months, it has been my experience that there are many fine books for sale in like-new or very good condition.  Many are first editions, which means they are worth more, and I have even found a few signed by the author.  For example, for $1 I recently bought a first edition of Emeril Lagasse’s second book, Louisiana Real & Rustic, signed by Emeril.  It is worth around $24.  I also like the idea that my purchases are helping to fund the libraries.

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